Welcome to The Creative Frequency


Welcome to The Creative Frequency, at The Creative Frequency we believe everyone deserves to live life on their own terms.

If you are tired of living the average lifestyle:

  • Get an education

  • Get a job

  • Buy a car

  • Get married

  • Buy a house

  • Have kids

  • Work the rest of your life to pay off debts (from the above)

  • Repeat this process for your kids

  • Retire

  • Survive on retirement package

If the above life is not for you and you are tired of not having 100% ownership of your life – welcome, you are in the RIGHT place!

Same Life

In the modern day we are force fed things we must assume to be true and we obeyed by it, whether it is a conscious or an unconscious decision. But stop and ask yourself who set those standards of living? Is this the standard of lifestyle that you envision for yourself? Or is there something more that is seeking to be lived out in your life?  Have you ever had that feeling that there must be more to life, more to your life? Or maybe you are pursuing that something more already.



They say the only constant in life is change; it’s the only thing that you can count on that will be consistent no matter what happens! The world is evolving at such a rapid pace and not many of us are equipped to deal with it. What works today can be easily made redundant tomorrow. Times are changing and you should be changing with it or be left behind. The average person’s job is being replaced by robots and machines, cars that run on fuel are being replaced by cars that run on electricity, the taxi industry has been swept away with Uber. You can either make the choice to move with life are hang on for dear life and be made redundant; the latter is becoming more and more inevitable as life goes on.



At The Creative Frequency we are here to put the power back in your hands, we are here to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. We assume that there are 2 constants in life – Everything is always changing and your ability to CREATE. You are a phenomenally powerful human, way beyond your comprehension, you just have not been taught how to harness or use your innate Genius.



If you are like the majority of people on this planet, you rely on your thoughts and feelings to make life changing decisions and then take life changing actions based on your thoughts and feelings! If that’s all you are reliant on you will simply just keep recreating your past unconsciously, you will never find any true and profound change. Ask yourself where do your thoughts and feelings come from? They are just your reference point of past experiences – Ever heard the saying “if you want something you have never had before you need to do something you have never done before”? Your thoughts and feelings will ALWAYS ensure you are living a life of compromise, playing it safe and secure. The life you would love lives outside of your comfort zone, outside of what you know and who you think you need to be.


Creative Frequency

Most self development modalities out there are teaching you information and skills to replicate their success, the problem with this is that you can never be the best version of them! This will make you a low level derivative of them, at best you can be a high level derivative. If you are seeking true life transforming success – in your relationships, business, financial life, health or any other area – you want to be operating from your Genius. This is where your highest level of creative function exists; I am not talking Einstein or Tesla Genius although that could be you… Your Genius is unique to you, may it be in sports, music, business, being a parent, you name it.



Genius Creative Frequency

Genius Creative Frequency

Definitions of Genius:

  • That is the definition of genius, to have everything you need, creatively, inside of you

  • Latin definition: “To bring into being, create, produce



If you are fed up of living somebody else’s life, living a life of compromise, following the herd, doing what you have been told to do and you know you having something more living in your heart… Then you need to be operating from your high level creative function, your Superconscious, your Genius. This is where you intuition, your imagination and your creativity exists. What if you had the map to everything you ever wanted already within you at this moment but your just didn’t know how to utilize it? How much pain and heartache would it save you to be able to tap into this at will?



What is creativity? Creativity is being able to connect things that have never been connected before, this is where your purpose and your success resides not in following somebody else’s footsteps.


Your levels of Success are dependent on your level of creativity, the levels of creativity are:

  • Genius

  • Innovative / Inventive

  • High Level Derivative

  • Low level Derivative

  • Skilled Imitation

  • Unskilled Imitation

If you are looking for true success in your Relationships, Business, Wealth, Health, Personal Happiness, your Spirituality, then you need to be operating as a genius or plain and simple, you just living somebody else’s life or a life of compromise the life you think you are capable of living. We are here to teach you how to live a life way beyond your wildest dreams.

 if you are waiting for a sign this is it