About The Creative Frequency:

The Creative Frequency is dedicated to assisting and creating the lives of their clients from a genuine place of authenticity. The Creative Frequency offers workshops, coaching, mentorships and consultations in the transformation of consciousness. Based on alchemy and creating what you would love through finding your true life purpose. All of our work is followed through using intuition as a basis to ensure that the optimal level of service being attained is TRUE and AUTHENTIC.

We believe that every single person is the master of their destiny, and they are entitled to have the ability to create the life they truly seek with success in ALL AREAS of their life! When operating Masterfully your results are created “effortlessly” using alchemic and hermetic principles as a basis.

The Creative Frequency was founded and created to Empower and Inspire South Africa. Serving and empowering our country is our Aim and Mission. Our services offered are – Seminars, Workshops, Consulting, Keynote Speaking, Training, Coaching and Mentorship. With the end-result of equipping our clients with the necessary tools, to create their lives from a place of true power.

We are focused and driven by connecting our clients to their purpose and encouraging them, to follow that through into a business which is sustainable and profitable. In living in accordance with your purpose it will ensure optimum INSPIRATION, Joy, Satisfaction and Happiness which is connected to living in alignment with their true nature. We believe that everyone has the ability to create everything their heart desires, provided they have the correct tools and the correct structures in play.

The Creative Frequency is dedicated to serving anyone and everyone who is willing to step their life up to the next level, whether that may be personal, business, relationships, career, social life, sports or any other aspect of life that may need mastery.

“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with Wisdom.” – The Kybalion.

About Craig Ferreira:


Creative Frequency Workshop 2

Hey guys if you have made it this far and you are reading this right now, I just want to commend you for seeking that special something. If you are anything like me and you are tired of living a life of compromise, you are tired of being defined by your past then we should meet.

I grew up living a life of no connection, I was loved by my family but there was never any true connection at home. Growing up in a broken family with mom and dad always on the verge of divorce was my equivalent of living in a battle field. Which had jeopardised my ability to hold fruitful and loving relationships, not only with my significant others, but with anyone, family, friends, colleagues, even my personal relationship with myself was a shambles. I always felt “different” and that I wasn’t capable of being loved, belonging or plain and simply being good enough. I lived my whole life trying please others, which in turn lead me down a dark route. This was the starting point of my 10 year drug addiction, trying to fit in and be cool so I could belong somewhere.

School was a drag, I hated every second of it, yet I was still able to be an average student with no effort whatsoever. As for all of us after school the critical decision needed to be made; what do I do with the rest of my life? I had no interest in that, all I knew was I needed to do something. At this point my mother intervened and gave me the alternatives of what I needed to do next with my life. I had no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was I needed to be good at whatever it was. I then began my career in engineering and I am, and was, good at it but I couldn’t handle working for another man. So my motivation and my work ethic was at an all time low, work was just the place that funded my dark habit.

In the midst of this dark time I came into contact with self-development, be it books, online programmes and I even became a workshop-junky. Until one day, I was left with a life defining decision, I still remember it like it was yesterday. Carry on this journey of cocaine and other narcotics (6 days a week) and become a bum sleeping on the street with nothing, OR choose to follow my nagging heart which knew I was capable of way more than I was living.

Like every one of us who has a bad habit, I know how difficult it is to change bad habits for good habits. Whether it is, being a drug addict, or trying to be healthy and eat the right food or stop procrastinating or even simply just waking up on time in the morning. I knew my whole life needed to change, taking the 8+ years of wisdom I mustered up through all my personal training in self development, I managed to quit my 10 year habit without any rehabilitation.

But as we all know, it’s never as easy as that, I had to face my inner demons, changing my entire social circle and now living my worst nightmare, being ALONE with no “family” or friends. Everything I worked towards in my life, had to now come to an end. There were moments I felt suicidal on the verge of ending it all, but I had one motive, I had one thing to hang onto; my dream. Redefining myself at such a young age hurt, even almost nearly killed me. I had to let go of everything I ever knew to be true and move on.

Creative Frequency Workshop 5

I tried to focus all my energy and time into my career, but there was still something missing… There was no passion, there was no love, no logical reason why I should be doing this other than it was “the right thing to do” because mom said so and everyone else was doing it. After being in a relationship with the woman I assumed to be “the one”, she left me; I didn’t only loose her I lost the family I always yearned for… Trust me when I say I am my worst enemy. I took this all very personally. This was when I really became aware; that if this life is up to anyone it’s up to me. If I want something I need to go out and get it!

I have never looked back since that moment I became dedicated to living my dream life, dedicated to loving the life I live! I became obsessed with living a life of purpose, to serve others, to live a powerful life. If I could come through that unscaved, what stopped others from changing simple bad habits, what if others could take that power and turn their lives around?


I made awesome changes but my life only drastically changed after I learnt about alchemy and Superconsciousness, it was at this point in my life where my life literally turned upside down. Every relationship in my life became fruitful and desirable, but most importantly the relationship with myself became loving. My relationship with my father which was pretty much nonexistent actually became something that I loved and desired. I was able to stop chasing the “millionaire dream” and start chasing the life my heart desired.

My business erupted. I became internationally recognised within a year, I started getting supported, mentored and coached by international 6 figure companies and coaches, my personal skills went through the roof, and life became the awesome roller coaster of a pioneer! World travel and travel became a common thing at numerous points of the year, going on holidays at least 5 times a year (sometimes more) as to the normal once maybe twice a year.

You see, I am not someone who is out to scam, cheat or create any resentment but rather to create trust, connection and integrity but most of all to create transformation in every single person’s life I come in contact with. I am personally dedicated to living a life that makes a brighter tomorrow. Without having a true role model in my father, whose selfish needs came first, I found a role model in my country’s father, the African father Nelson Mandela. I realized what it truly meant to be a leader, living a life of service, living a life in favour of a better tomorrow for everyone on this planet not for my selfish needs and desires.

Ubuntu “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

What Others Are Saying About Craig:


“Awe inspiring, with wisdom beyond his years. An example of what he is teaching about. He is walking his talk.” – Devi Naicker 

“An effective facilitator who is knowledgeable and passionate.” – Lavinia Masehela

“Inspiring and dynamic. He speaks from the heart and makes me believe I can live on another level where everything is possible.” – Abedah

“Dedicated, focused and an excellent leader and guide on this journey.” – Marie Vander Berg

“Wiser and more insightful than his biological years.” – Alan Ross

Creative Frequency Workshop 5