All our services are based on 100% authentic service which will be directly tailored to the client, as opposed to the conventional setting; which is a strategic plan that is used as a generic amongst all clients. Our Consulting, Coaching and Mentorship, has been designed and structured to ensure optimal results over short periods of time, which will ensure flexibility to suit ANY individual. We are not based on a rational or logical process but rather on a creative and intuitive process to ensure that core issues may be addressed.

All our work is based on Alchemy, Hermetic Teachings and Intuition, which fundamentally comes down to creating the life you desire (end result) through creating bridges and choices from your current reality into your vision.

Clarity on Coaching, Mentoring and Consultations.


Coaching is based primarily on attaining your end results, the transfer from your current reality through to your Vision. This is facilitated in through intuition and creating choices / bridges / action steps from your current reality through to your Vision / End result in the most effortless way possible.


Mentoring is a process which delves into the client’s underlying structures and dealing with limiting beliefs which stand in the way of the client attaining the life their heart truly desires. Mentoring further creates new beneficial structures and puts them in place, to support you in attaining your hearts desires.


Consultation sessions are primarily based on intuition and assisting the client with clarity around any area of life they are trying to attain, whether it be personal, business, relationship or maybe even finding direction on what actions to follow next on their endeavor.