Call To Adventure is a 3 day practical training where you will learn:

  • A simple 3 step process to accessing your Superconscious Mind
  • An incredibly powerful Awareness technique that neutralizes your Ego
  • Insights in to your unique Genius and Natural Gifts
  • Why your thoughts and feelings aren’t real
  • How your Ego is sabotaging you unconsciously
  • How to discover your True Purpose through our High Level Creative Frequency method
  • A Written Guidance process to discover what actions to take to live your Genius

Many people who have attended Call To Adventure have said that this is by far the best training they have ever experienced.


What others are saying:

“The workshop I attended this weekend was off the charts. Never experienced anything like it. I am an information junkie and attend each and every course, seminar, workshop, conference.
I was however never impacted like this. Immediate results. When you meet with total strangers, people you have never met before and they can read you like a book and you do likewise. This is not made up stuff. It is for real. We are powerful beyond words and we don’t realize it. It sometimes just takes one person’s obedience to step out and impact lives in a most profound manner. Craig Ferreira I salute you. Meet your genius – most profound workshop ever.” – Sharon Peters


“A most wonderful and inspiring weekend of learning shared by Craig and his dedicated team. So glad for being included in this inspiring journey. If you are committed to discovering yourself and inspiring change in this world , this experience with Craig is a perfect foundation. The world as you see it will change forever. “When you can Imagine outside of your thoughts then you have discovered your Creative Frequency” – Ashok Hutheram


“The workshop that I attended this weekend was beyond expectations, on my journey I have attended many workshops and I am a workshop addict because if I had the finances I would have attended many more but thank goodness I didn’t lol. From all these workshops that I attended I did learn from all of them but somewhere within me I had this empty void and was still searching for the truth. Here with unleash your inner Genius I felt complete and finally found my truth. I am so so very thankful to Craig Ferreira and his supportive team for teaching this it makes so many things in my life crystal clear. Its difficult to actually put this into to words because only once you have experienced it will you know!! Namaste!!” – Carminha Pereira